Institutional & Independently-Sourced Higher Learning:

B.A. Harvard Univerisity
2011 - 2012
DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Scholarship

M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts

2018 - 2020
Studied gifted psychology, gifted coaching and giftedness assessment techniques at Intergifted with founding director, Jennifer Harvey Sallin


This website, Gifted Nuance, focuses on the beneficent-to-neutral range of possibilities found in life. Recognizing that life - seen in a broader context - offers these possibilities, we can shape our individual life to embody and create more of such possibilities, supported by giftedness-informed self-work. This is the default angle of my work with gifted clients.

My work in other areas relates to a fuller spectrum of life’s possibilities that includes beneficent-to-neutral possibilities and also neutral-to-harsh. Some cases of my work that overlap with the values of Gifted Nuance are:

  • Creative constructions:
What Miracles Took Place When You Were Born (film)
The Double-Ended Cypress: Memory and Consciousness (writing, sculpture)

  • Courses designed for undergraduate program:
Dialogue and Synthesis (studio course)
Historical Intuition (seminar)
Memory Workshop I (studio course + experiential workshop)

  • Experiential workshop designed for the general public:
Memory Workshop II (participatory non-fictional narrative / experiential workshop)

  • Course designed for graduate program:
Qualities in the Creative Dimension of the Works of Psychological Thinkers (seminar)

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