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I’ve always been interested in understanding my environment and my relationship to it - different degrees of transience or enduringness, different extent of personal or impersonal. As I developed, it felt important to remain malleable and transform myself as I worked through and digested my experiences. Certain faiths have emerged in the process. There are so many ways to chart the world on so many levels, and the different ways of charting aren’t always in harmony with one another, yet I found that some ground can be gained, some unity is possible. It’s not always clear why I was born into the surrounding I was born into and what aspects of life to cherish amidst the cacophony of values in society and nature, yet I discovered that happiness and peace can be fostered through trial-and-error in wisdom-development. 

Why do I value exploring giftedness? Discovering my giftedness has been one of the crucial elements in pulling together different threads in my search. It allowed me to focus on what is - and will likely remain - true for my inner and outer personal reality and eliminate what appeared to be true but were mis-adopted frames that were meant for another person or only appropriate-enough for the cognitive majority.

I also observed this: had some gifted people in the past been able and willing to engage with the equivalent of giftedness-informed self-work, they may have been able to regulate their gifted expression in a more intentional way than they already did given the resources and awarenesses they had. They may have been able to learn to cherish more equally their culturally-valued and culturally-non-valued gifted traits; they may have been able to maturate from the frequent entangled struggles of the gifted with the cognitive majority and not get stuck in frustration or over-compensating love. Although still facing some of the same challenges, gifted people of today have more resources to refine the choices they are making. 

Naturally I began to introduce these considerations into my self-development. Once adequate focus was maintained, which took some calibration, the fluctuating feedback loop of implementation began. Through reinforcing my connection to my gifted qualities and restoring these connections to their natural scope of complexity, I fostered in myself an informed confidence to make more individualized choices - as well as the patience to implement them step-by-step. I recognized that these were the signs of transformation that I’ve often noticed in myself, but now more through deliberate internal choices rather than through random environmental feedback. This now-more-thoughtful transformation did not lead into tunnelled perception, but to expansiveness over time. I felt more gratitude for the range of beneficial occurences in life that were available, whether they emerged into view in the way I had initially preferred - in a less-than-perfect-but-workable reality. I understood my goals and inner makeup on a deeper level, and when they were met at this deeper level, I recognized progress.

For many self-cultivators, and especially for those who live deeper in the giftedness spectrum, I’d like to suggest the possibility of self-work through a giftedness-informed lens. Personality, characterology and giftedness are some of the most defining organizing forces of one’s inner reality, and with the often-elusive giftedness illustrated, the other sectors of an inner reality can begin to find their natural and constructive place. I'm glad to be sharing - through my offerings on this website - what I have practiced and developed both through organized models of knowledge and synthesized fluid learnings.


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