Payment policy:
The non-refundable deposit portion of the assessment fee is due upon booking. It is 20% of the assessment fee, and allows both of us to commit a portion of our calendars to your assessment work.

The remainder of your bill (80% of the assessment fee) will be emailed to you via Stripe soon after booking, and you are free to complete it up until 3 week (21 days) before our session. If you are booking a session that is less than 3 weeks ahead, your bill’s due date will be set at 4 days after you book. If payment is not completed by due date, your bill will become non-payable, and your appointment is cancelled.

Please be sure to pay from an account under your own name! I'm sadly unable to accept payments made for a client by any third party and will have to return it.

Rescheduling policy:

You can reschedule your session for free ONCE if your chosen date ends up not working for you. If you choose to reschedule, kindly notify me 3 full weeks (21 days) ahead of our session. Late requests may not be guaranteed and if doable, will incur an additional fee.

If after the 1st reschedule, you need to reschedule for a second time, sadly you’ll be asked to book a new session. 

Cancellation policy:
If you choose to cancel your assessment, kindly notify me 3 full weeks (21 days) before our session. If I don't receive any notice from you and payment is missed, your invoice will become non-payable and your session is cancelled.

If you complete all your payments then choose to cancel for any reason 21 days before our session, I'm glad to issue a refund - minus the non-refundable deposit, and minus the amount of hours I’ve devoted to studying your prep notes and preparing for our session (billed at $165/hr).

There is no refund after session starts.


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