Qualitative Giftedness Assessment

The assessment is a mapping discovery of your giftedness profile. It supports you to explore how your mind works through six main areas of inquiry - intellectual, emotional, creative, sensual, physical and existential giftedness. It is conducted in collaboration with and through the giftedness assessment model developed by Intergifted. You can learn more about Intergifted’s qualitative giftedness assessment and the readiness-requirements here

To orient you for your assessment session, I share with you detailed, semi-structured prompts that support you to reflect upon how you experience your mind via the lens of potential giftedness, potential over-excitabilities and other cognitive aspects. You select an unrushed period of time (usually mutually arranged to be at least 3 weeks long) responding to these prompts in your own time and gathering them into preparatory notes. You are also provided a questionnaire pertaining to giftedness and cognition in yourself and in your family-of-origin. You share these prep material with me one week before our scheduled session. Upon receipt, I study what you shared and do my prep work for our upcoming meeting.

We then come together in a 2 hour 15 minutes assessment session. This will be a mapping conversation (different from a consult/coaching type conversation). For most of our time, we collaboratively discuss your prep notes. I’ll be asking some clarifying questions and also sharing some of my exploratory insights and observations. This often allows helpful details to emerge and also allows connection patterns in your profile to further emerge. The atmosphere of our conversation is friendly and non-sentimental to foster a neutral-to-positive curiosity about your own giftedness patterns. Our conversation leads into a summary of the assessment findings, which I share with you towards the end of our time together. They include observation on: the giftedness range(s) that your profile most closely matches; your areas of heightened over-excitability; additional core cognitive traits (if any) that might be part of your mind’s process. If time permits (not always possible given the already-packedness of the mapping conversation), I also introduce a sliver of consult/coaching-type discussions -- paying attention to themes in your prep notes that might benefit from being further understood through the developmental-psychosocial lens of giftedness.

To schedule an assessment, please reach out at info@giftednuance.com. With your initial message, please be sure to share a bit of your personal background and your personal reasons to want to complete an assessment - a very brief summary works great. Do mention your time zone and your time preference if you have any (how many weeks or months into the future, what days work best) so I’m able to locate the most convenient time for both of us - I’m located in California, U.S.

My rate for an assessment is $775 and I offer a 2 hour 15 minute assessment session (slightly longer than the standard Intergifted 2 hour assessment session, although the essential content is the same).

Gifted integration work sessions (to learn more about them, click here and navigate to the namesake section) are available to book after your assessment is complete, and they support you to build up from the mapping discovery that took place in the assessment session and gain deeper clarity on aspects of your profile in a process-oriented, integration-driven way.

Individual gifted consult/coaching sessions are also available for you to explore your current personal development needs via a giftedness-informed lens. They are flexible and personalizable, and you can pursue them before or after your assessment.


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*Important note of understanding:
The assessment findings will be wide, but by the nature of such inquiries, incomplete, as we are limited -- just as in every type of inquiry -- by the data we've gathered as well as by the time we arrange to devote together to understand the data. To put the scope of inquiry into context: it’s one round of assessment, not a cycle of assessments in which more data is regularly invited, cross-compared and synthesized for many months or even years.

Natural personality differences, cultural/family/one’s own values, past opportunities and blockages can all shape one's current availability to equally convey different aspects of their cognition, to themself and to other people. This is true for most. A helpful lens via which to conceptualize an assessment is that the reality of your mind is incompletely inferrable from the outside, but the assessment can be an important discovery stage, and a catalystic activity in your personal journey to encounter the needs and potentials of your mind.

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